stop to smell the…vanilla

So often I find myself rushing to throw together a project, not necessarily only a recipe. I tend to rush almost every project I start just so I can reach the final project.

As a freelance designer, I find a reward in finishing a webpage or a layout design. I feel a sense of accomplishment to finally be done with the project and to have found a creative winning solution. But this sense of satisfaction goes against one of my firmest beliefs that the best thing about creating is the process. The process of never-ending adding and subtracting, improvising and spontaneously altering and accidentally uncovering new solutions is what artists live for.

This realization has challenged me to stop and smell the…ingredients, medium, inspiration and most importantly process. Although, hasty in my artwork, baking allows me time to stop and enjoy what I am physically doing. I can feel the cold dough between my fingers, smell the fresh vanilla and watch the mixer coalesce discrete ingredients into a harmonious amalgamation. ( I hope you enjoyed those GRE words)

So, from now on I will stop and enjoy my projects. I will take a break and think about what I am doing and try to not look forward to the end result as much as the process.

process 1 |ˈpräˌses; ˈpräsəs; ˈprō-|
1 a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end

In the end, aren’t the series of actions or steps the most important part!


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