tiki-no…tiki yes!!!

Los Angeles is known for many things; movies and hollywood glamour being on top, but Los Angeles is also rapidly becoming the mecca for ethnic and modern cuisine. It would be impossible for me to try every restaurant in Los Angeles, but its a challenge that I am willing to face. Even when there isn’t time to cook there is time to eat. I have been to many great restaurants and bars during my short stay in LA and its time to keep track of them. So, in between baking my own creations, I will be recording my restaurant experiences in Los Angeles.

Mahalo! My first stop is to a little bar in North Hollywood called ‘Tiki-No’. Tiki-No is fairly new, opening its doors and beaded curtain in December of 2010. The atmosphere is mellow and quaint. To the left is a large fire-place and an outdoor patio overlooking Lankershim. You can sit along the bar covered with a grass roof and surrounded by island decor, wooden skulls and hanging neon puffer fish. Or enjoy your drink in one of the cozy tiki hut tables, either spot provides an intimate atmosphere to enjoy your drink and the tunes of the Hawaiian Tropics. Everyday they offer $5.00 Mai Tai’s, and these aren’t typical Mai Tai’s, they are made right in front of you with fresh juices and quality liquor. My favorite thing is Happy Hour, every Monday-Friday from 4-7pm you can enjoy a various selection of exotic mixed drinks for only $5.00 each, regularly priced anywhere from $8-$15! All the drinks are served in decorative mugs and glasses with fun straws and embellishments.


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