choc ful o nuts

Cinnamon brown sugar almond bread, sounds delicious and hearty and probably would be…if I made it again. Todays bread baking experience proved once again that to become good at something you have to try, try and try again.

I followed the same basic recipe that I followed last week, except I added brown sugar, cinnamon and crushed almonds. I eliminated the honey from my recipe because I thought the brown sugar would be enough sweetness…wrong move number one. Eliminating honey would have been a positive choice if I wouldn’t have excluded raisins or dried fruit from the bread (since we didn’t have any and neither of us are really a fan of raisins). The bread is good, don’t get my wrong, but it isn’t sweet enough to be a dessert bread and it is a strange foundation for a ham and cheese sandwich. I did find that adding butter, cinnamon and sugar on top made a nice treat.

I still need to practice more to increase the fluffiness of my bread. It is still very solid and this time I added less flour and stirred the dough by hand instead of with an electric mixer. I am sure the nuts in the bread didn’t help its solidity. The crust of my bread did give me a slight peak at a fluffy and porous texture.

In conclusion, this bread is still a success, it is moist and hearty, but teeters on the edge of  an awkwardly textured sandwich bread and not sweet enough dessert bread. The texture makes it seem as though something is missing from the mix, maybe a cup of sugar and crushed bananas!

Back to the kitchen!


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