week 1 success!

Here is our final and highly altered meal plan for the first week of the Whole30 diet:

All in all this plan has been highly successful. There have been a few recipes that I don’t care to make again, mostly those involving pork (I’m not a fan of pork, especially in the chop form). The eggplant hummus that I made was okay, eggplants are too expensive to test on hummus recipes. Next week, I am trying out a cashew hummus, which is probably just as expensive, but it promises to taste better.

The worst part of this diet wasn’t the lack of carbs, dairy, sugars or legumes, it was the lack of alcohol and constantly drinking only water! I miss my glass of wine with dinner and mixed drinks at the bar down the street. May 31st will definitely be a celebration flowing with wine and cheese…then hopefully I can stick to the paleo diet, I’ll probably be flying solo after 30 days, but I think I can get used to the no carbs, no sugar and not eating anything white.

I also think one of the toughest meals to replace was breakfast. It is so routine to eating cereal or a bowl of oatmeal that it seems so monotonous to spice up the fact that I am eating eggs or fruit every day. American breakfast has been hardwired into eating cereal, granola, oats and quick snack bars, carbs, carbs, carbs, its hard to break that cycle once you’ve been in it for 23 years!

After one week, I can feel a change in my cravings and my body, I’m sure Cardio Barre classes are helping with that as well. I  also feel constantly hungry, but I have researched this amongst other whole 30/paleo dieters and it is a normal side effect. It’s nice to know that the snacks I have to reach for are fruits, nuts or vegetables instead of granola bars or bread.

Next week, we are focusing on making simpler and quicker lunch recipes. It is tough to make highly complex meals for lunch and it is actually stressful to try and wake up early in the morning to cook a breakfast and a lunch to-go.

Well, onto week 2, the menu is looking delicious!


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