dia doce

Today is day 12 of 30! Still going strong. Getting tired of drinking water and really craving a glass of wine. But I can feel a change. I feel less hungry than I did the first few days where my body was craving food all day. My headaches have subsided and overall I feel fine. Now that the weather is nicer and warmer I keep craving cold drinks and food. I have been making quite a few spinach smoothies for lunch and mango sorbet for “dessert”. The spinach smoothie recipe I will write about later.

Image from: www.cardiobarre.com

On top of eating healthier I have been taking Cardio Barre classes. Cardio Barre is a low intensity workout that involves a Ballet Barre and a 1lb or 2lb free weight. Most of the class is using your own body weight as resistance to tone and shape your muscles. This method helps to elongate your muscle without building bulk and also helps to maintain your posture and balance. Not being a dancer, or even a coordinated person, this class is a big challenge for me. I have taken 3 beginner classes and last class someone who was a frequent attendee asked if she could help me along. I really appreciated her tips and nudges to get into the right position. But this weekend I am taking an introductory class to perfect my poses and learn the proper body placement. This is my only time to pretend I have the poise of a ballerina, and I’m going to make the most of it!

Now, onto food! In celebration of Cinco de Mayo week. We created Mini Burgers with fresh guacamole, atop a bead of lettuce and salsa. I have to say, that these were some of the most unusual burgers I have tasted. The ingredients called for curry paste and cinnamon! The entire time the burgers were cooking all I could smell was the rich spice of the cinnamon, I was really worried that they were going to taste terrible. But the cinnamon was perfectly balanced by the curry paste, onions and garlic. I think we used 1lb of meat and ended up with 6 mini burgers!

The next two photos are of two very different takes on breakfast. First we have Egg Frittatas, served with a side of grapefruit and secondly Bacon and Strawberries.

Egg Frittatas with red peppers, jalapeno and fresh cilantro. These frittatas were light and fluffy, perfect with fresh salsa on top. Cut and cooked vegetables were placed into a lightly greased cupcake pan. The egg mixture was poured on top and baked in the oven for 20 minutes. The recipe calls for cheese to be added into the eggs, which I will have to try after this month!

Bacon and Strawberries with freshly chopped bok choy

Strawberries, bacon and bokchoy…yuck! I know it sounds terrible, when indeed it was. I account its lack of appeal to the fact that I accidentally threw the bokchoy to cook int he bacon grease and the recipe was very vague on whether or not the entire bokchoy or just the stem or leaves were to be cooked. The whole dish ended up very greasy and unappetizing. The colors do make a pretty picture though.


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