pumpkin pie

I would love to write a lengthy post about how I started with the perfect pie pumpkin and spent 4 hours roasting it to perfection with an intricate blend of seasonal spices then vigorously whipped the pumpkin into the perfect creamy butter consistency. Followed by gently scooping it on top of my hand ground graham cracker crust and baking it for one hour until the smell of luscious golden brown pumpkin pie filled the house…but in reality, I live in California, and it’s too damn hot to leave the oven on for over an hour so this delicious looking (and tasting) pumpkin pie was created with thanks to a pre-made Keebler graham cracker crust and good old canned pumpkin pie filling!


2 thoughts on “pumpkin pie

  1. If its any consolation, one time I did bake a whole pumpkin and scooped out the meat to use in a pumpkin pie…it was so much work….and the pie didn’t taste any different than one made with canned pumpkin, Your pie looks great! Could you bring one (and yourself) for Thanksgiving this year?

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