mario + me

Please ignore the fact that this is a horrible picture of me and awe in the presence of the man that is Mario Batali! Critically acclaimed American chef, restaurateur, and author; Mario has created restaurants all across American combining his love for Italian food and modern cuisine. You can read more about Mario here.

I currently work in entertainment, so you would think I would be okay seeing semi-celebrities. Meeting Mario, not the case. I was such a nervous wreck. It is really hilarious looking back, he may have thought I was a mute, except for the fact that I asked him to take a picture. He asked “Yeah, do you have a camera?” Silently and stealthy, I pulled out a massive Nikon D60 from my purse. Then we took our pictures and he left to cook at Shutters Restaurant in Santa Monica. We left so excited and then the reality sunk in that we didn’t even introduce ourselves, we didn’t say that we spend hours a week watching him on tv or that we just bought the Osteria Mozza cookbook that he helped write and we love it! So, Mario, if you ever read this just know that

Hello. I am Laura and I think you are an amazing chef, and yes, I do talk! Thank you for making my day, orange crocs and all!

Homage to the crocs:



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