vegan mac-n-cheese

So I am not a vegan, I am not even a vegetarian, but I believe in mindful meat eating. I like to eat clean and I find that I feel better when I eat non-processed foods and don’t weigh my body down with meats.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a delicious medium steak smothered in garlic steak butter and served with warm rolls… *drooling* But, do I feel good when I eat that…temporarily, then I feel tired and ready to sleep. As of recent, I have been trying to substitute my meats for vegan meat alternatives. I made a really amazing meatless sloppy joe recipe, which i still need to post about, substituting the meat with beans and cabbage. It tastes so good, you won’t even miss the meat.

Back to the mac, every Thursday we have been having a girls night Pasta Thursday! Since we eat healthy all week (soups/salads) this is our night to reward ourselves and not feel guilty about eating in pj’s just so we won’t feel our stomachs bulge!



Yesterday we tried a new recipe from Chef Chloe. Vegan Mac-n-cheese!! We doubled the recipe, which we thought was a good choice since there were 5 of us…completely unnecessary, we have enough mac-n-cheese for a meal every week…which I guess isn’t a bad thing.

This recipe is super simple. Noodles take 10-12 mins and the sauce takes roughly the same. Boil some broccoli and toss it in so you don’t feel too unhealthy! You won’t be missing the cheese in this meal! Trust me!!


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