beignet sunday

Beignets and breakfast go together like…Cafe Du Monde and coffee, hot southern nights and cool jazz, and 100% humidity on a summer day in New Orleans!


Cafe Du Monde is the original French Market Coffee stand in New Orleans. Established in 1862 and open 364 days a year, this French Cafe has been serving 24-7 coffee and chicory, beignets, and fresh pressed juices to the masses for 150 years and counting!

Since I am living 1,895 miles away from the original Cafe Du Monde on Decatur street it seems impossible for me to enjoy the Cafe Au Lait and fresh fried beignets! Luckily,Cafe Du Monde has prepackaged its Beignet mix for my baking pleasure and someone very special purchased a box for me!


The recipe is simple, 2 cups mix to 7oz of water, roll to 1/8″ thickness, cut into squares and fry in oil until golden brown! I halved the recipe so I wouldn’t over eat, because trust me, these are easy to over eat! One cup of mix and 4oz of water produces 6 palm sized beignets! Perfect for two when covered in powdered sugar and served with coffee and a fried egg.

One day I hope to make it to New Orleans and try them myself! But until then, this box of beignets is my taste of New Orleans and my special sunday treat for eating healthy all week! It’s great to treat yourself!!!


Rollin, Rollin, Rollin perfect beignet dough!


Sizzling, golden brown perfection


I bet you can’t eat just one!


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