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So, I am an economical shopper. I like to spend little and waste even less. No matter what, I will always be a consumer. I believe its important to be aware of the products that you are purchasing; not only the ingredients, but the cost and quality. 

I have decided to start reviewing products every week. This will give an inside look at what I’m eating and hopefully help others shop savvy and learn before they buy!

Today, I am reviewing Gardein Santa Fe Chicken Good Stuffs. 


(photo courtesy of the world wide web)

These little protein nuggets run around $4.99 a packet! Very pricey! I would not pay this much for them, but they were on closeout sale at Ralphs (Kroger on the EC) for around $2.50. Thats reasonable enough for me. I planned on cooking them to serve with sweet potatoes and green beans, but due to lack of time we ate them as a dinner/snack, since it was so late and we just needed something to eat. 

The directions say to bake in the oven (it was too hot to heat the oven up), microwave (we don’t own one) or boil in the bag for 5-6 minutes (we went with this option!) It was very simple, boil, cut bag, serve on plate. 

They are good, I would rank them a 3 out of 5 on my scale of purchasing them again, only if on sale…full price, forget about it! My advice is to heat up some extra sauce, maybe even add some siracha for a little kick. The texture is that of normal soy protein and reminded me of some of the Veggie Grill chicken products. Soy chicken is very much like super soft chicken, without the shredded texture. The black beans and corn inside added nice flavor…thinking about it now, serving with a corn and black bean salad wouldn’t be bad either. At only 150 calories each, they need a side, unless you are eating them as a quick snack. 

I would recommend everyone try a Gardein product, if not this Santa Fe chicken then “Ground Beef” which takes seasoning very well and I often use it in tacos…a review for another time!


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