greek yogurt pop nutrition

As asked for earlier, I have the greek yogurt pop nutrition facts! These vary depending on the type of fruit used and the size of the pops. My pops are fairly small, roughly 2.5 oz…thats including the weight of the container. For my nutrition sample, I used mango as the flavor and organic amber agave nectar as the sweetener.

Yield: 5 pops

Total in 5 pops: 76% vitamin C, 35% vitamin A, 26% calcium

Total in 5 pops: 242 calories/53 g carb/48 g sugar/ 4 g fiber/23 g protein/ <.50g fat

Per Pop: 48 calories/10.6 g carb/9.6 g sugar/.8  g fiber/4.6 g protein

This is a very low-calorie, almost fat-free, and high protein snack. To increase the protein:carb ratio, simply lower the amount of fruit added or use a supplement sweetener. Fiber powder can also be added if you want to increase the fiber per bar.

Simply put, this is still a dessert. It’s just a healthier and more natural option than ice cream or a store-bought popsicle. Hope this helps anyone who is tracking their calories or points!


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