better than starbucks iced coffee

From coffee beans to iced coffee, muy delicioso! This may take a little longer than Starbucks to make, but its super simple and will save you lots of dollars, calories, and gas.
Start with fresh ground coffee beans, I used approx. 1/2 cup. Then, add in cold water, about 2 cups. You can alter the oomph of the coffee by adding more or less water. Let the coffee and water sit together for 8 hours or overnight. I made my batch last night and waited until this morning to strain it.
If you have a fine mesh strainer you will need it. It will make your life easier. I did not have a strainer so I used good ‘ol coffee filters…this works too, it just takes forever!
I froze some of my coffee into ice-cube trays , but I wanted coffee now! Fill a glass with plain ice, pour 1/2 coffee followed by 1/2 vanilla soymilk together. I like the soymilk because it has a thicker texture then milk, less fat, and really great vanilla flavor.
Stir and enjoy! I have enough coffee left to make ice coffees every day this week. A Starbucks tall iced coffee with milk is $1.95 before taxes, flavors ($.65) or milk substitutes ($.50). So that is $3.10 for a 12oz iced soy vanilla coffee (before taxes).
$3.10 per day (considering you only drink 1 coffee)
$21.70 per week (7 drinks)
$1131.50 per year (before taxes/one drink a day)
Have an iced coffee or two, guilt free.
Here are the coffee ice cubes! They are so good!
And just one more photo for good measure…

2 thoughts on “better than starbucks iced coffee

  1. Well I learned something today Laura. I always thought to make iced coffee you just start with very strong brewed coffee. If you choose not to freeze the extra coffee, will it keep in the refrigerator for some time? Also don’t know why it would take forever to strain the brewed coffee through a coffee filter, but I’ll have to try it and see. Soy milk? Never tried it. I think I’ll be adding this to my grocery list. I hope it tastes as good as it looks. (You do a great job of photographing your subjects BTW).

    • Thanks!! You can also double brew the coffee with twice as much coffee to water…I’m not sure of the taste, but soaking the grinds in the water overnight brought out a lot of flavor

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