caprese salad

So, my boyfriend, the Italian, swears to me that he has never had a caprese salad. Mozzarella, olive oil, and tomatoes. It can’t get much more Italian than that.

I made a mini caprese salad for us to share. It turned out great…how could it not?!?

8 grape tomatoes (sliced)
6 pearl size mozerella balls (sliced)
Extra Virgin olive oil
3 leaves chopped fresh basil
Dash of salt and pepper

Mix together and enjoy. Its low carb too!


4 thoughts on “caprese salad

  1. Made this last night, Laura, with a couple variations. I had no basil, so there was no green or the taste of basil (however basil tastes). I did not have the mozzarella balls, but did have shredded mozzarella, so I used that instead. I had the olive oil, which I sloshed around on the inside of the bowl (one of the bowls that you had made!) before adding the ingredients, so none of the food pieces were sitting in oil, but were at least coated with oil. Tasted very good, but the salad in your picture looks better than my salad. Have enough tomatoes left over for another meal — maybe tonight. Thanks for sharing the recipes, and I hope you’re not insulted when your directions are not followed exactly.

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